Introduction Company

Abkavosh Sarzamin Consulting Engineering Co. with a leading team of highly experienced Water & Soil professionals incorporating the latest expertise in the Water Engineering discipline is proud in undertaking various Water Resource Development Projects in different parts of Iran.
The company since its very first establishment in 1997 has successfully grown tackling various Engineering Problems. At the present, it benefits from a staff of about 100 experienced professionals and has provided engineering consultancy services to more than  50 various projects in Water Resources, Irrigation& Drainage, Small dam and Reservoirs,  Diversion Dams and weirs, Water & Sewerage.  Generally up to the project  studies has been done in different stages of reconnaissance/ feasibility/ detailed design and preparation of bidding documents and also supervision  and operation &maintenance management of  various projects within  Iran of which most  are near completion and even some are under operation  right now.
By adopting a "Client Approach Strategy" motivated by the Board of Directors and inhabiting a Challenging Attitude in resolving complex engineering problems amongst it's professional staff , the company has always reached out to it's Clients needs. And also using the latest knowledge and engineering standards, provides quality engineering consulting services in the form of clients plans and budgets.

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